Welcome to The Youth Summit for a Resilient CO + The RISE Challenge

The Youth Summit for a Resilient Colorado and the RISE Challenge Colorado offer a unique virtual event that provides young people with a platform to exchange ideas, demonstrate leadership, and engage with stakeholders and the broader community in making Colorado communities safer, stronger, and more resilient to natural disasters. 

Students from across Colorado are invited to share their ideas for action projects that address community natural hazard issues, from fire to flood and beyond. Students can lead live presentations and interact with an audience of peers, stakeholders, experts, and decision makers in the Youth Summit for a Resilient Colorado. 

Students competing in the RISE Challenge will have the chance to pitch their ideas for community natural hazard mitigation and preparedness projects to a panel of expert judges for the chance to win up to $1,000 in prize money. 

The Youth Summit for a Resilient Colorado is brought to you by HEART Force and Earth Force. The RISE Challenge is supported by FEMA Region 8 and ASFPM Foundation. 

The 2021-2022 Summit is scheduled for May 12, 2022. Submit your proposal here. More info to come!

“I want to be in this project because I care about the environment and our community, I want to help our community be fire safe. I am motivated to keep going because we can help our community be fire safe with this project.”

2021 RISE Challenge CO Summit

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Keynote Speaker: Banan Garada

National Youth Preparedness Council

Banan is a high school student in Urbana, Illinois. She was a key participant in the Illinois Preparedness Initiative (MyPI). In this program, she became Teen CERT certified, excelled in a disaster simulation, and conducted public outreach to educate families in her community about preparedness. She also participates in cross-country, soccer, and taekwondo.

Presentation Judges:

  • Matt Buddie, FEMA R8
  • Brad Anderson, ASFPM Foundation
  • Lesley Smith, University of Colorado Board of Regents
  • Daniel Ardrey, CO Forest Service
  • Allison Andrews, ASFPM Foundation
  • Marsha Hilmes-Robinson, City of Fort Collins
  • Elizabeth Lacey, CSU Student & ASFPM Foundation Scholarship Recipient
RISE Challenge Keynote by Banan Garada, with introduction from FEMA’s Tony Mendes

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